Top 5 Best Action Games To Play In 2022 (Updated)

best action games for android

If you’re looking for the best action games for Android, look no further than this list. These games will have you jumping out of your skin and adrenaline pumping as you race to save the day or take down your enemies. Whether you’re a fan of gun-slinging action, platforming madness, or racing with an edge, these games have it all. So put on your helmet, pick up your shotgun, and get ready to blast some bad guys!

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5 Best Android Action Games To Play In 2022


Fortnite is a highly popular video game that has been growing in popularity over the last few years. It’s a battle royale game that requires players to scavenge resources in order to build structures and survive for as long as possible. This game is a cross between the popular online shooter games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, and the building game Minecraft. You play as one of several characters who must survive in an ever-growing world while battling against other players. The game is available on most Android devices, and it’s free to play.

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Roblox is a popular game for Android that allows players to create their own games and worlds. Players can use Roblox to learn coding, build projects, and have fun. There are many roblox games available, some of which are educational and others that are purely for entertainment. Players can also join public games that have already been created, or they can create their own game. Roblox is a fun game that can be played by anyone age 8 and up.

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Coin Master

If you’re looking for a fun and addictive coin flipping game, you should try Coin Master for Android. This game is easy to play and can be enjoyed by both adults and children. As the coins flip over, you must make sure that they fall into the designated slots on the board. Be careful not to let the coins pile up too high or they’ll fall off the board and lose points. The faster you can complete each level, the more coins you’ll earn.

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Free Fire

Garena free fire is a new online game that lets players select from a variety of guns to shoot down enemies. There are three different game modes, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. In Deathmatch, players compete against each other to score the most points by killing enemies and completing objectives. Team Deathmatch is similar to Deathmatch, but players can team up with friends to defeat their opponents.

In Capture the Flag, players must capture the flag from their opponents before they can score points. There are also other game modes that are available for players to try out. Garena free fire is an exciting new online game that is sure to please gamers of all levels.

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Call Of Duty Mobile

If you’re a fan of the popular video game series, “Call of Duty,” you’ll love the mobile version. It’s just as exciting and challenging as the console versions. There are dozens of guns to choose from, and each one feels different in your hands. You can fight against other players online or go head-to-head in split-screen mode. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, there’s no better way to get it than by playing “Call of Duty.”

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Best Sites For Modded Apps – Review and Guide 2022

Best Sites For Modded Apps – Review and Guide 2022: Are you looking for modded apps? modding means to modifiy your device after changing some parameters for example mods android games, mod android phones etc.

Modding is not an easy process and many people who are new to modding risk doing more harm than good. Modded apps can often lead to errors in the devices resulting in problems like boot loops or even bricking them if done wrongly. If this is what you are looking for then perhaps you should look elsewhere but modding Android is fun and here are five top sites for modded apps that can keep it interesting!

Top 5 Best Sites For Modded Apps For 2022

1. XDA Developers: Best Site Overall

xda logo

This is one of the most popular modding communities and it has a wide range of mods for various devices. The website also has a wealth of tutorials and information on modding your device so if you are a beginner, this is a great place to start.

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2. APK Mirror: Best For Game Apks

apk mirror logo

This site is great for finding mods for popular games and apps. It has a huge selection of mods and all of them are neatly divided into categories so that you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

3. Android File Host: Best For APK Apps

android file host

This is another great site for modded apks and it has a wide range of mods for different devices. It also has an active forum where you can ask questions and get help from other modders.

4. 4PDA: Best In Russian Language


This is a Russian site but it has a huge selection of mods for Android devices. It also has a very active forum where you can find help and advice on modding your device.

5. ModMyi: Best Modded APk Site


This is one of the most popular modding sites for iOS devices and it has a huge selection of mods for various apps and games. It also has a very active forum where you can find help and advice on modding your device.

More Sites For Modded Apps

So, these are five top sites for modded apps that can keep modding interesting! Do you have any favourites that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Fix Microsoft Minecraft Error [2020]

Fix Microsoft Minecraft Error [2020]: Playing Minecraft online is fast becoming a popular pastime among friends and family members nowadays.

There are now multiple ways to enjoy playing this iconic game with others.

This ability to establish instant server connections to play with your friends or other random players from remote locations has helped Minecraft to rank among the most popular sandbox games ever made.

It gets better because Minecraft also supports cross-platform play. This means that non-Microsoft platformers including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch users can easily join in the fun via an online system feature called Remote Play.

The only issue here is a large number of players have recently been experiencing networking problems with their assess points while trying to play the game.

Free Movie Streaming Sites [2021] No Signup

This usually prevents them from accessing their Minecraft accounts and if left unresolved, this frustrating issue can occur more frequently.

So how exactly does one resolve this troublesome Minecraft error? Keep reading this post for DIY guidelines!

About The Microsoft Minecraft Error

what causes the problem

Looks like you’ve finally decided to learn how to fix Microsoft Minecraft error; you’re welcome to the right web page for that kind of info.

But first, we need to understand the nature of this problem.

The Remote Play system works by generating an individual code for each user which they can use to connect to the game from supported devices.

This unique code must be entered at the access point while signed in to your Minecraft accounts. Afterward, they can proceed to enjoy playing with others.

The bug can prevent Minecraft players from signing in to their Microsoft accounts. Instead of access, an error notification is displayed constantly on your screen.

This https// error message tends to appear more frequently on Nintendo, PlayStation4, and other traditional console platforms.

Some PC users also encounter this issue sometimes.

Right here is where you get to find the answers to any questions you may have about how to fix Microsoft Minecraft error.

Problem Causes

There are different reasons for Minecraft players experiencing this annoying issue. We’ve identified 2 of the most common causes:

1. Device Change

Changing devices can eventually cause the https //aka ms/remoteconnect error message to appear. Perhaps you have recently switched playing platforms from PlayStation to Xbox or vise versa; then you may likely experience this troublesome Microsoft login glitch.

2. Corrupt Cross Play Game Data

The compatibility of game files is very important for playing cross-platform games seamlessly.

If any of the game’s data files become corrupt, it can cause major problems across all platforms.

For PC users, data file issues can be resolved after a quick system restart, or game file reinstallation.

However, these are not long-term solutions especially as your saved files can sometimes get corrupted as well.

Also, people who prefer playing the PlayStation 4 Bedrock Minecraft edition tend to experience this problem because of cross-play, realms, and servers. So, it can be quite frustrating if you can’t access the features needed for playing the game.

How to Fix Microsoft Minecraft Error

This is the part where we get to provide you with working tips on how to fix Microsoft Minecraft errors.

Applying any of the methods we’ve described below should help to resolve this issue permanently.

Crossplay Issue Fix

crossplay issue minecraft

Applying the crossplay issue fix for the Minecraft remote access bug is quite straightforward. Here’s how to use it across supported devices:

The Xbox Crossplay Fix:

Xbox users who are looking to play Minecraft on their consoles must always download an authentic file copy from the official game store. This initial step is essential to running the game across multiple devices especially since players must already have the original Minecraft game installed on their Xbox One or 360 consoles before they can use the Remote Play feature.

  • Players who are looking to obtain their Remote Play code can follow this link – via the Xbox web browser. Once there, you’ll have to sign in to your Microsoft account or create a new one if you’re a new member.

The website will then display your unique Remote Play code.

  • Ensure that you follow the link above with the same device you want to use to access the Remote Play feature for Minecraft.
  • Next, you’ll have to input your distinct Remote Play code into the space provided on your display.

Afterward, the website will automatically reload the Minecraft game.

That’s it! You’ve just learned how to fix Microsoft Minecraft error on Xbox consoles.

The PS4 Crossplay Fix

For PlayStation 4 users, the steps to apply the crossplay fix are quite similar to those described earlier for the Xbox platform. Here’s how to fix Microsoft Minecraft error on PS4:

  • You can start by going to the official PlayStation 4 online store to download an authentic copy of Minecraft for installation on your smart device.
  • Note that you can only activate the Remote Play feature if you have the paid Minecraft version installed on one device.
  • The PlayStation 4 game edition offers players the option to sign in using their Microsoft account. Once you’re able to sign in via your Microsoft account details, you should then be granted access to remote connection data.
  • Players can then save the PS4 connection codes which are essential to running the Remote Play feature.

Afterward, you can test the connection on your mobile device or PC to see if the issue still persists.

Well done! You have just discovered how to fix Microsoft Minecraft error on PS4 consoles.

Save File Issues

Console users sometimes encounter save file issues while playing Minecraft.

The good news is such problems can be resolved quite easily on your smart device, PC, Xbox, or PS4 console. Here’s how:

  • You can find most of the information you need under the Storage Settings menu on your device. Click on the gear-shaped icon and then select the Storage option. You will find the Minecraft saved files on the next window that opens.
  • Because corrupt save files can pose a huge problem for players looking to access the Remote Play feature, you are better off deleting such files and starting the game again from scratch. This is why you should always create backups of your saved games.

After you have deleted corrupted save files, you can try accessing the Minecraft Remote Connect feature once again.

The Takeaway

Now that we’ve helped you identify proven methods for fixing the Microsoft Minecraft error, it should no longer cause you problems going forward.

Genshin Impact Promo Codes: Free Primogems, Mora, How to Redeem, Daily Rewards, & More

Genshin Impact Promo Codes: Free Primogems, Mora, How to Redeem, Daily Rewards, & More: Genshin Impact is a free-to-play mobile Gacha-style MMORPG that has surprisingly taken the gaming world by storm since its September 2020 release date.

Genshin Impact Promo Codes - Free Primogems, Mora, How to Redeem, Daily Rewards, & More

One of the best things players love about this brilliant game is its relative budget-friendliness. Besides being free-to-play, Genshin Impact is currently available on PS4, PS5, mobile, and PC systems. It has also been scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch.

But if you’re looking to survive in the game’s vast and magical terrain, there are powerups, raw materials, and certain characters that must be acquired along with loads of Primogems – the game’s recognized currency.

Once you have all these, you can level up and comfortably take on any of the game bosses that cross your path.

The only problem is getting these items in the game will cost you actual money.

To help you out, we’ve put together a few tips and DIY hacks on how to get free Primogems and other freebie rewards in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Promo Codes: Free Primogems, Mora, How to Redeem, Daily Rewards, & More

1. Redeeming Promo Codes

genshin impact promo codes free

Redeeming working Genshin Impact promo codes is one of the fastest and legit ways to earn Primogems for free.  Aside from free Primogems, these promo codes can also offer up access to dozens of useful in-game items that can make the player’s adventure much smoother.

However, players must have attained Adventure Rank 10 in the game before they can redeem promo codes.

Players now regularly monitor activities on online social outlets like Reddit and Pininterest to come across discoveries like the latest working Genshin Impact promo codes.

Eligible players who wish to redeem these promo codes can visit the official Genshin Impact website, sign in, and then select an available server to play on.

Afterward, they’ll have to input their in-game character name.

Once this is done, a player can then enter the working promo codes in the space provided and then click on the Redeem button.

At this point, the player should then return to the game where they will receive a notification. While the game is paused, click on the mail icon menu to claim the free Primogem rewards assigned to the promo codes you entered earlier.

The free Primogems can then be used to acquire new weapons and characters in the game.

Working Promo Codes For Genshin Impact

  1. GENSHINGIFT – Grants x50 primogems and x3 Hero’s Wit
  2. 5KVeIbSxDUU – Grants x100 primogems
  3. G3tQq6TOqmE – Grants x100 primogems
  4. eATDgIXLD56 – Grants x100 primogems

2. Opening Chests

precious chest genshin impact

The game also lets players acquire free Primogems after they open certain chests. And while the reward quantities are quite small, there’s an abundance of these chests scattered across the world map.

You can sometimes find between 2 to 5 Primogem rewards inside the Exquisite chest, while the Precious chest typically offers up as much as 5 free Primogems.

The Luxurious Chest often comes with the most rewards of between 10 to 40 free Primogems.

3. Visiting the Abyss

abyss in genshin impact

This next approach to get Primogems free of charge in Genshin Impact is available only to players who have attained Adventure Rank 20 or above and it is preferred because it easily offers dual opportunities to scoring some Primogems.

For perfect completion of the first 8 Abyss Corridor floors, a player gets rewarded with a one-off 300 Primogem Star Bounty.

Meanwhile, the 9th to 12th Spiral Abyss floors each offer up Star Bounties of 150 Primogems.

4. Gaining Achievements

genshin impact achievements

Genshin Impact also rewards players with free Primogems after they gain certain achievements.

Players can receive up to 5 Primogems per achievement. Moreover, players are eligible to get a Wish after gaining 32 achievements.

Final Take

Thank you for reading our DIY guide on how to get Primogems free of charge in 2020 & beyond.

Now you can explore more options in the game and play for longer.

Free Movie Streaming Sites (2021) Without Sign Up & Downloading

Free Movie Streaming Websites (2021) Without Sign Up & Downloading:- Because almost everyone I know loves movies; even more so when they are free. Watching free movies on the internet has now become a frugal and convenient form of entertainment for users while on the go or sitting more comfortably at home.

free movie streaming sites no signup required

All you have to do is perform a random internet search for sites that let you watch movies online free of charge and you’ll immediately be presented with an extensive list containing both legit & illegal sources with each one promising to deliver your favorite blockbuster content after only a few seconds.

So we’ve decided to narrow down the options for our readers with a handpicked selection of the best places to watch movies for free online no sign up currently available out there.

These “free movie” steaming domains won’t even require you to sign-up before accessing their awesome content.

Free Movie Streaming Sites – Watching Movies Online

1. Crackle

Let’s get started with Crackle; one of our top recommendations when it comes to trustworthy sites that let you watch movies online free of charge. Millions of movie lovers around the world already visit the official Crackle domain to satisfy all their media streaming needs. There’s also a mobile app version.

You can expect to find hundreds of blockbuster titles available with full-length features that you can access and watch on-demand. Thanks to their high-quality resolution, Crackle movies always look spectacular on most screens and monitors. The only downside here is the interruptive commercial breaks but these are usually very brief.

2. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is the next entry on our list of best sites for watching online movies for free and it has consistently warmed the hearts of movie lovers everywhere for many years now. It boasts of more than 1,500 movies which span across comedy, action, drama, thriller, romance, family, and documentary genres.

Moreover, you won’t have to create an account before viewing Popcornflix content. Simply select your preferred movie and press Play. Popcornflix also has a resume playback feature, so you get to enjoy your viewing sessions in breaks if you like. One major drawback here is the lack of subtitles display.

3. Yidio


Visit Yidio now and you too can discover for yourself why it has ranked among the best sites that let users watch films online free of charge currently available on cyberspace. One feature that makes Yidio stand out as one of the top free online movie watching websites is due to the way it operates as a free movie search engine.

Yidio users can easily filter and find films based on their MPAA rating, or popularity. Sadly, there’s only a limited amount of free content on offer and full-length movies are interrupted by occasional commercial ads.

4. Youtube


That’s right; YouTube that popular media streaming platform that we all know and love also ranks among the best sites to watch free full length movies online. Besides skateboarding clips, cat videos, or trendy movie trailers, YouTube also offers full-length movies for rent along with those you can stream free of charge.

However, the major downside of using YouTube as a source of free online streaming movies is the fact that the movies you’ll find here are pretty old. You won’t get to watch the latest full-length blockbuster releases on YouTube.

5. Snagfilms


This is SnagFilms one of the most widely-used websites that lets the user watch movies online free of charge with no signups required. That’s right; you too can watch all your preferred TV serials and movies online without restrictions or account registration.

The SnagFilms collection consists of over 2,000 movies, web series, and documentaries. Cinephiles get to view a considerable amount of content based on filters such as user-curated genres, best editor’s choice, along with lots of other unique options. Sadly, however, you won’t find any movie subtitles here and sometimes the movie buffering takes longer than usual.

6. Vudu


Vudu is also well recognized among the most user-friendly domains that lets you watch films online free of charge. And although this brilliant media streaming platform might not be your go-to selection when you’re on the lookout for free movie streaming sites, paid and free content is abundant here that visitors can stream on-demand.

If you wish to stream movies for free on Vudu, you only have to navigate to the “free movies” section on the Vudu website where you’ll find the movies that are available for free viewing. Vudu can be the best place for free websites to watch online movies.

7. The Roku Channel

the roku channel

This final entry on our list of best free online movie websites usually requires the use of a Roku TV. However, you can still stream your preferred movies for free on mobile and PC platforms. You only have to download & install the Roku web browser extension or mobile app on your smart device and you can enjoy streaming your favorite movies for free anytime & anywhere.

The Roku Channel features an abundance of viewing options from the most amazing sources including Netflix, British TV, and other Oscar-nominated channels. If You are an avid movie lover you shouldn’t miss this free movies online website.

More Free Movie Streaming Websites You Shouldn’t Miss

  1. Netflix
  2. Hulu
  3. Amazon Prime Video
  4. CBS All Access
  5. Sling Tv
  6. Disney Plus
  7. Showtime Anywhere
  8. Hotstar
  9. HBO GO
  10. Zee5 (In India)
  11. Aha ( In India)
  12. Voot (in India)
  13. Fubo TV
  14. Vimeo
  15. Movierulz
  16. Tamilrockers
  17. 123movies
  18. 0123movies
  19. MoviesFlix
  20. Fmovies
  21. 1movies & Much More..!

In Conclusion

Here ends our list of highly recommended Free Movie Streaming Websites you should definitely check if you are movie and web series lover.

Any one of them could easily turn out to be a consistent source of web-based entertainment going forward.